Saturday, October 3, 2015

        Fall is a great time to evaluate your outdoor areas and see what additional plants you might like to add. It's a time to tackle new projects, such as adding new plant beds or renovating your current landscaping. Plants added in the fall have a great jump start for the following spring. With the temperature starting to cool down and the plants getting ready for the cooler season ahead, they start to go dormant (going to sleep for the winter).  So installing plants and shrubs now means, less "shock" ( when roots are disturbed when plants is pushing out leaves or flowers. This can cause plants to wilted or loose some leaves/flowers). Also fall plants will use there energy to root and grow during this time. So come spring they are ready to show.   

         Many people ask about planting now and think there is not enough time for the plant to root before winter hits. With the winters here in Buffalo, NY you never know what will happen. Yes some plants many not pull threw, but most will. All of our trees in root balls come in during the fall season to be "put to sleep" at our nurseries for the winter. This way, come spring they are acclimated to the weather and ready to shine.  
         So if you have outdoor garden that you did not complete over the summer and think you have to wait until spring again, YOU DON'T. Get your yard finished now so come the spring you can sit back and enjoy it. As always here at Lincoln Park Nursery we have a design staff and professional landscape crew that can help you get projects done. Big or small, we can installed it. For those who just need a little help on what to pick out for there yard. Stop into our Garden Centers and ask one of our knowledgeable staff.