Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Clean Ups

                                   FALL CLEAN-UPS!!!!!

  As the sunset is coming earlier, and the nights are becoming cooler. The signs of fall are knocking on our doorstep. You might be thinking that it's to late to finish up those projects in your yard that you did not have time to do.  Well good news, IT'S NOT.
  Fall is a great time to plant, clean up your beds, trim and even mulch your beds. If fact fertilizing and mulching your beds before the winter helps protect your plants and also gives them nutrients over those cold months.  Laying down a slow feed granular fertilizer will help feed your plants over the winter as well as give them a nice boost when the spring days start to return.
  Mulch is made from organic materials such as wood chips, peat moss, or bark chips. It helps to prevent soil erosion which depletes vital nutrients that helps plants grow. Also as mulch breaks down, it provides much-needed nutrients for the soil which in turn helps your garden grow.  Mulch helps to  slow down evaporation too. Yes even over those winter months, when we do not have 3' Feet of snow on the ground. The winter sun can still dry out the soil causing plants and there root systems to suffer from moisture stress. Mulch provides a barrier to prevent the sun from reaching the soil which minimizes evaporation.
   So if you still have gardening to complete it is not to late.  Now with the cooler temps, it is a great time to get outside and finish up your yard.  
   As always if you need a helping hand with your yard give Lincoln Park Nursery a call 716-692-6100. We offer Fall Clean ups and Landscaping.