Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gearing Up For Spring

Springs Ahead!!!

As winters grip starts to let go there in WNY, many of you will catch the annual spring fever bug. Here are a handful of helpful garden tips.

Clean up your lawn & gardens: Any leaves, broken branches & debris should be raked up, removed & recycled. Clean up of lawns and beds will help prevent disease problems & ass curb appeal.

Identify & Apply: Very important that crabgrass control & turf food be applied in early spring (march-April). Undesirable crabgrass & weed seed can remain viable in the soil for 3 years. A pre-emergence application "prevents" undesirables from germinating. "Turf Line" 4 step solutions are effective & available at out garden centers.  We also offer a lawn fertilization program which is applied by our certified applicators. Give our office a call.

A Time to Trim: Get educated on when, how & what to trim. A general trim of "at least" once every growing season is recommended. Often older plants become woody & unproductive. Bring in a photo or cutting to our garden center if you are unsure, for the right solutions.

Preen, Fertilize, Mulching: After cleaning, weeding & trimming, spring is a great time to keep your garden happy! Apply preen "pre-emergence" to help prevent new weeds from growing. Granular organic fertilizers are slow release and safe to use. Mulches come in a variety of choices and colors. They hold moisture, add soil texture & a finished look to the garden. All this is available in containers, bags or bulk at out garden centers.

Pest Control: A nice selection of safe weed & animal controls are flooding the market these days. Tell us about your problems, bring in a cutting, or photo to us. Let us help you get the best solution on what's Bugging you!